I am Max. Founder of AFK Airsoft. Ever since the release of 007 golden eye for Nintendo 64 and Counter Strike Beta for pc, I have been nerding out on FPS gaming.

In 2001, When I learned that there was such a thing as Airsoft guns, I became an even Bigger nerd at heart. This meant that we could take the tactics from first person shooter games and put it to test in actual physical game play.

This was insanely good news to me. I had bought a second hand co2 blow back 1911 and was all over it. I ended up buying an arsenal of air-soft guns just so I could invite all my friends to play. It was so much fun. And then we grew up.

Later in 2008 I developed an interest in Computer Automated Designs and some how this path led me to a love and career in Aerospace composite fabrication. Also in 2008 my Son was Born. It was inevitably so that my son would grow to be just like father. Gaming fps was his first and still is his first hobby.

Well Thankfully he wasn’t on his pc 24-7, 365 days out of the year. This is because he found Airsoft without me. This happened on one Sunday afternoon when he said “ DAD! I want to play airsoft”. “Ohh Really, What do you know about Airsoft”. I said. From that point it was on.

I got to be a kid again with my kid!

I strongly believe in being a father first before anything. Going through life lessons together with my son to help insure that he learns something of significant importance. One great lesson that I thought I could teach him, is how to be successful in doing something that you love. And being able to support family and friends while doing so.

So Together we started the Idea of AFK airsoft. My Son Noah and his Friends get to have tons of game play while Creating content and testing gun builds, while dad comes up with better ideas for builds. We dedicate our time to Provide the best Airsoft experience to everyone from all platforms. From

Milsim to Speedsoft/SpeedQB, we dedicate our time to providing Players with the highest quality parts and Equipment. From beginners, Hard core Players, Tournament Player, and Hard Core Technicians, we Strive to have your back.